Your exclusive hub to workplace behaviour compliance

We are pleased to unveil the EEO Compliance Hub, your gateway to valuable workplace behaviour resources such as workshop summaries, factsheets, toolbox talks, legislative overviews, templates, guidelines, videos, and more.

Rather than delivering standalone training workshops, we provide a Wraparound Service that includes understanding your organisation’s circumstances, developing a tailored plan, delivering legally sound training, and providing ongoing support. The EEO Compliance Hub is now a key component of this comprehensive service.

Click here to request complimentary access to the Hub.

Get the advantage

You are welcome to access a special section of the EEO Compliance Hub even if you are not one of our clients.

This section includes a useful resource called the RISK AUDIT TOOL which is designed to help you check if your organisation complies with current EEO & WHS Laws, and Positive Duty Guidelines. This tool was created by Franca Sala Tenna – lawyer and well-respected expert in workplace behaviour and compliance.

We are pleased to offer you free access because we are truly dedicated to addressing sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying in workplaces. In summary, you will get:

  1. Access to a special module of the EEO Compliance Hub
  2. Risk Audit Tool for assessing compliance
  3. Range of valuable resources related to workplace behaviour and compliance

Click here to request complimentary access to the EEO Compliance Hub.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about workplace behaviour training and compliance, please call Franca Sala Tenna on 0405 134 187 or email