Cookies Policy


Like practically every website,, operated by EEO SPECIALISTS PTY LTD, uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that we place on your device as you browse our website. These cookies help us understand how you interact with our site, allowing us to enhance your user experience and provide you with more personalized content.

It’s important to note that these cookies do not have the ability to identify you personally or access any sensitive information on your device. Our cookie policy is designed with your privacy and security in mind, ensuring that your browsing experience is not only seamless but also safe.

We use the following types of cookies:

· Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are critical for the seamless operation of the website. They enable basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the website cannot function properly.

· Tracking Cookies
We use tracking cookies to gain insights into the number of users to our site and how they move around whilst on our site. This information is invaluable in helping us improve the site and ensure the user finds what they are looking for easily.

· Visit Statistics
We believe in transparency and want our users to know that we do collect and analyse visit statistics. This includes data such as visit frequency, duration, and other related metrics. This information helps us understand our audience better and tailor our content and services to meet their needs.

Australian Privacy Principles (APP) Compliance

In compliance with the APP, we provide clear and concise information about our use of cookies and give visitors the option to manage their cookie preferences. We respect our users’ right to privacy and want to ensure they feel in control of their data.

Our approach to cookies is part of our broader commitment to user privacy and security. We strive to create a browsing environment that respects user privacy while also delivering a high quality user experience.

If there are any questions or concerns about this Cookies Policy, please contact us. We are open to feedback and are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and thoroughly.

Thank you for choosing to use our website. We appreciate your trust in us and will continue to work hard to maintain it.