Managing Unlawful Workplace Behaviours

This online course provides an overview for anyone in a position of authority and is part of a manager’s duty of care. If you supervise people on a daily basis, we strongly recommend that you complete our detailed workshop on Managing Workplace Issues effectively.

Course overview

  • The aim of this course is for managers to understand their extra duty of care requirements to identify and appropriately address unlawful behaviours that occur between workers.
  • The course content is written and updated for all states and territories in Australia by Franca Sala Tenna, Legal Practitioner, Director, EEO Specialists and Online Compliance Training Australia.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone in any sort of position of authority in a workplace.
  • EEO legislation in all states and territories in Australia require that an employer take (all) reasonable steps to prevent its employees (including contractors, clients, labour hire) from acting unlawfully.

Course duration

This module takes 20 minutes to complete and provides a certificate of completion.

Topics covered

  • Introduction and how to use the course
  • Overview
  • Duties of a manager
  • What can a manager do?
  • Summary
  • Assessment

IT Requirements

This online course is delivered via Learnworlds – our Learning Management System. Or it can be imported into your organisation’s Learning Management System if it is SCORM compliant.

The online system will provide complete digital records of who has completed the training, when it was completed, and assessment scores.