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Sexual Harassment Course

This 20 minute online sexual harassment course is for all employees, contractors and volunteers in Australia. The aim is to equip people to know what is workplace sexual harassment and sex-based harassment and what they can do if they experience or witness it.

Sexual harassment is a national problem

The Australian Human Rights Commission National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces 2022 found that …

  • 89% Australian women and 64% of Australian men over the age of 15 have been sexually harassed at some point in their lifetimes. It’s pervasive.
  • The most common types of sexual harassment were suggestive comments or jokes (27%) and questions about a person’s private life (23%). People don’t understand what constitutes sexual harassment.
  • 41% of workplace sexual harassment incidents were witnessed by at least one other person, and in the majority of cases (65%) the witness did not try to intervene. People don’t know what to do when they see it happen.
  • Only 18% of people made a formal report or complaint in relation to workplace sexual harassment. People don’t make a complaint.
  • 40% of people who made a formal report said that no changes occurred at their organisation as a result of the complaint. Organisations don’t address the problem.

Course overview

  • The aim of this course is to provide easy to understand and apply content that enables people to identify what sexual harassment is and what to do about it if they have experienced it, witnessed it or ‘accidentally’ done it.
  • The online sexual harassment training course is kept up to date for all states and territories in Australia, and written by Franca Sala Tenna, Legal Practitioner, Director, EEO Specialists.

Complimentary Products

When you purchase our online courses you also receive exclusive access to our membership site for 12 months. The membership site contains the following resources

  • Notices and posters.
  • Fact sheets.
  • Hypothetical scenarios for tool box talks.

Who is this for?

There are now three sets of laws that govern workplace sexual harassment: namely Safety, the old but current EEO laws and the Respect at Work Act 2022 (Cth). In essence they require that an employer/PCBU provide regular training to their employees; fulltime, part-time and casual, leaders/managers, contractors, sub-contractors, labour hire staff, volunteers and visitors to your workplace.


This course takes 20 minutes to complete and provides a certificate of completion.

Topics covered

  • Introduction – instructions on how to use the module.
  • Sexual Harassment – Definition – the legal definition of sexual harassment and sex-based harassment.
  • Sexual Harassment – Options – what you can do about it as someone who may have experienced it, may have done it to someone else or may have witnessed it happening – practical downloadable templates.
  • Legal Consequences – personal, secondary and vicarious liability and financial compensation.
  • Sexual Harassment Summary.
  • Sexual Harassment Assessment.

IT Requirements

This module is delivered via our Learning Management System – Learnworlds – or can be imported into a client’s existing Learning Management System provided it is SCORM compliant.

By using the on-line system you will have complete digital records of who has completed the training, when it was completed and how they scored in their assessment.